Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Controversial Immigration "Game" at UT Sparks Debate

Controversial Immigration "Game" at UT Sparks Debate

By Joey Lehrman

A conservative student group at the University of Austin-Texas has developed a fake game designed to inspire a conversation about immgration in the United States. Members of the Young Conservatives of Texas will be roaming campus wearing t-shirts that read "illeagal immigrant." Other students will be encouraged to "catch" the student and turn them in for a $25 gift certificate.

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What do you think of the game? Lorenzo Garcia, the group's leader, has publically stated that the purpose is to inspire a conversation about immigration. But, to this blogger, it seems like there are many less offensive ways to educate the public about immigration and to bring diverse viewpoints together to talk about it. A blog is just one of those examples.

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According to a post this morning from the The Daily Texan, the "Catch an Immigrant" game has been cancelled due to widespread criticism and controversy... perhaps the Internet really can connect people and inspire real change!


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