About Joey Lehrman

I am a born and raised New Orleanian with a passion for the Saints, for our education system, and for teachers and students throughout the city!

This blog (1 of 3 that I consistently update) will be used to comment, critique, and share all that is New Orleans.  After 40 years as a public school teacher and many more as a career native New Orleanian, my thoughts are plentiful and I look forward to sharing them with you with the hopes that in it you will find wisdom, humor, and perhaps some inspiration.

Feel free to check either of my other blogs two, each with a slightly different theme.

For commentary and exploration of our school system: http://joeylehrman.tumblr.com/

And for a look at my true passion, dogs: http://joeylehrman.wordpress.com/

I look forward to a fruitful conversation!


Joey Lehrman

P.S. And of course you can find me on most major social networks!

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