The Natural Dog Training Series


For those of you that don't know, in addition to being a former public school teacher and active blogger, I also own and operate an animal training small business. Founded in the early years of my retirement, our company has quickly grown and is now one of the largest and most successful in the New Orleans area. 

One of the several distinguish features of our approach is its reliance on scientific, evidence-based best practices. Based on the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) framework established in the 1930s by psychotherapists attempting to address various social issues, the Natural Dog Training concept is driven by evidence-based practices in which the training is based on data collected and the individual needs of a dog. Instead of applying the “heavy handling” strategies that were common for many decades, including shock therapy and punitive measures, ABA within the Natural Dog Training Series attempts to understand the root causes of negative behaviors, and seeks to address them through tested and evidence-based methodologies.

About the Natural Dog Training Series

The core philosophy driving the Natural Dog Training Series is that all dogs are naturally positive and curious creatures. So, instead of punishing animals with shock collars and electric fences, pet owners should try to create an environment in which the dog can be curious and obedient at the same time. The social and free-to-explore philosophy is at the core of a new training series being offered by Mr. Lehrman and his staff. The highly trained and experienced staff will work with you to observe and document any recurring issues, and then develop an individualized plan to train your dog and build a better, more positive relationship.

In addition to our Natural Dog Training Series, our staff maintains a blog dedicated to featuring the most adorable pups. Check out it and follow along for regular updates!


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