Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vouchers and Public Education

Vouchers in Louisiana - By Joey Lehrman

In a debate focused on a local parish but with implications for the entire state, residents, teachers, students, teachers, and parents and pressed to discuss the pros and cons of a voucher system, which uses public funds to pay private school tuition for students.  As part of the School Choice system the state has been transitioning to for the past few years, proponents suggest it provides unprecedented educational opportunities for students that would otherwise be destined to a poor education at struggling schools.  Administrators in the public system, content, however, that the system only drains more resources from an already deprived system and isn't a scalable solution for all students in the state.


The most recent debate has found its way to Tangipaha Parish, where a federal judge will soon enter the dialogue.  At the very least, we must be informed!  Read on and please share your comments!


Joey Lehrman,
New Orleans, LA
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